Castleville Quest Gloom Experiments

Giovanni had enough of these glooms in Castleville Gloom Experiments Quests and decided learn more about this foes. The glooms invasion has Giovanni’s art work distracted so he decided to learn more about this creatures to find a way to slow them down. So let’s help Giovanni with his experiment with 7 part Castleville mission. Players must be atleast level 17 to receive this quests.

Castleville Gloom Investigation Quest 1


Use 1 Beastie Potion

  • Use any beastie potion from your inventory, crafted in the Beastie Lab or bought from the Market.

Buy 3 Gloomed Rocks

Visit 4 Neighbors


40 xp, 2000 coins


Castleville A Little Experiment Quest 2


Have 6 Gloom Samples (Ask Friends for Gloom Samples)

Craft 3 Gloom Elixirs

  • Craft Gloom Elixirs in the Kitchen it will need Gloom Sample x2, Milk Bottle x5, Amber x2 and Ink x3.

Use 3 Gloom Elixirs on flowers

  • Click on the crafted Gloom Elixir from your Inventory then select a flower.


40 xp, 2000 coins


Castleville Up all Night Quest 3


Craft 2 Vegetable Cocktails

  • Craft Vegetable Cocktails in the Kitchen it will need Carrot x12, Cabbage x8, Oats x6, and Tomato x5.

Have 3 Parchment

  • Parchment can be crafted in the Studio it will need Wood Log x4 and Cotton x6.

Have 2 Icy Torches

  • Craft Icy Torches in the Workshop (needs Iron Bar x1, Wood Log x5, Fire Rune x3 and Ice Chunk x1) or buy from the market.


40 xp, 2000 coins, 1 Sparkler


Castleville Design Realized Quest 4


Mine Rocks 10 times

Have 3 Flaxseed Oil

Place and build Giovanni’s Gloom Slurper machine

  • Just look in your Inventory under Decor section.


40 xp, 2000 coins


Castleville New Direction Quest 5


Tax 10 houses

Visit 3 Neighbors

Have 5 Bags of Nails

  • Can be crafted in Work Shop but must have a Blacksmith building.


65 xp, 3250 coins


Castleville Inventing is Hard Work Quest 6


Craft 2 Hammers

  • crafted in the Workshop

Have 5 Down Feathers

  • can be obtain by feeding Adult Geese.

Have 1 Anvil

  • crafted in the Workshop.


65 xp, 3250 coins


Castleville Gloom Converter Quest 7


Have 7 Lightning in a Jar (post to newsfeed)

  • Best way to post this is to play Castleville at then post this request.

Finish the Gloom Converter

Collect Crystal Shards from the Gloom Converter 3 times


50 xp, 2500 coins, 1 Exploration Crystal

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