Request links for CityVille. By clicking the item image or link you will be able to Ask Friends for materials, it will send a request to your friends to help you out with the items you need to finish a certain quest. Please don’t forget to share this to your friends.


Building grant City Seal Gold Plating Manila Folder Marble
Building Permit City Seal Gold Plating Manila Folder Marble
Ribbon Zoning Permit energy +3  Mystery Gifts  
Ribbon Zoning Permit Energy +3  Mystery Gift Population


Showbiz Dance Club
Director Chair Camera Dolly Spotlight Business Contract Microphone


Hologram Concert
Megaphone Stage Make Up Hair Gel Camera Dolly Strobe Light


U.K. Dubai Brazil


Energy Links
Energy +30
Energy +100
Energy +150


City Sam’s Offices Materials
Camcorder Cityville Poster Desktop Computer Journalist Book Cityville Rug


Solar Mall
Light Bulb Compost Bin Solar Panel Shopping Bag Bike Rack


Fortune Island Links
Light Sculpture Arcade Buttons Chocolate Fountains Outdoor Light Lounge Chair


Lava Rock Island
Kettle Grill Roof Thatch Helicopter Headphone Palm Tree Island Map


Crown Palace Materials
Palace Tower
White Paint
Glass Mosaic
Palace Door
Engraved Arch


CityVille Wind Farm Links
Windmill Brakes
Windmill Tower
Windvane Windmill Petition
Windmill Blades


CityVille Bridge Links
Counter Weight Welding Torch I-Beam Rivet Truss
Venetian Palace Links
Stone Brick Gondoliers Hat Support Beams Gondola Gilded Window
Cruise Ship Upgrades Links
Brochure Baggage Check In Booth Captain’s Hat Waiting Bench
New Leaf Garden Links
Composter Injector Humidity Control Grow Light Air Fogger
Red Envelope Shop Links
Scissor Gold Ink Ribbon Red Paper Gold Ribbon
Late Bloomer Greenhouse Links
Tray Insert Round Composter Rain Barrel Plastic Tray Green Tarp
Shanghai Center Links
Front Desk Office Phone Deck Binocular Antenna Light Exit Sign
Platinum Tower Links
Escalator Glass Pillar Digital Elevator Projector Carpet Roll
Glass Wall Water Cooler Waiting Room Chair Air Vent Safety Barrier
Parisian Arch Links
Engraved Shield French Relief Sculpted Soldier Marble Column Eternal Flame
Moscow Mansion Links
Dinner Bell Plush Robe Light Fixture Luggage Marble Sink Top
Museum Party Links
Drivers Hat Red Carpet Opera Gloves Bowtie NYE Ticket