Farmville Spring Cleaning Quests

Farmville The Big Clean Quest is a 9 part mission where you have to do with Gilda some spring cleaning. So let’s start. Quests are Spring To It, A Real Dust Up, A Place For Everything, Much To-Do About Something, Don’t Label Me, Inspection Time, Properly Prepared, Food for Thought and The Perfect Party.



Farmville Spring To It! Quest

Get 4 Mops

Harvest 50 Peppers

Harvest a Pet Run Twice


125 xp, 1 Feather Duster Rabbit, 2500 coins

Farmville A Real Dust Up! Quest

Get 6 Feather Dusters

Harvest 75 Red Tulips

Harvest Feather Duster Rabbit Once


250 xp, 3 pcs Marshmallow Mortar, Chocolate Bricks and Ginger Bread Siding, 3000 coins


Farmville A Place For Everything Quest

Get 8 Clever Containers

Harvest 100 Bell Peppers

Harvest Your Pasture Twice


175 xp, 1 Label Tree, 3500 coins


Farmville Much To-Do About Something Quest

Get 8 To-Do Lists

Harvest 125 Cotton

Harvest a Label Tree Once


200 xp, 1 Gingham Shed, 4000 coins


Farmville Don’t Label Me Quest

Get 8 Label Makers

Harvest 150 Soybeans

Master Feather Duster Rabbit to 1-Star


225 xp, 1 Turbo Charger, 4500 coins


Farmville Inspection Time! Quest

Get 8 White Gloves

Harvest 150 Peppermint

Make 1 Farmhands in your Craftshop


250 xp, 1 Pack Llama, 5000 coins


Farmville Properly Prepared Quest

Get 9 Chopping Boards

Harvest 150 Eggplant

Harvest Pack Llama Once


275 xp, 1 Shade Tree, 5500 coins


Farmville Food for Thought Quest

Get 10 Spring Cheese

Harvest 150 Chickpeas

Harvest Shade Tree Once


300 xp, 1 Mystery Game Dart, 6000 coins


Farmville The Perfect Party Quest

Get 12 Party Favors

Harvest 200 Golden Poppies

Harvest your Aviary Twice


325 xp, 1 Wily Coyote Wolf, 6500 coins


Farmville Spring Cleaning Quest Rewards and Items Request:


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