Farmville Working For Peanuts Quest

Farmville Working For Peanuts Quest is part of the new Summer Vacation Farmventure Quests which also includes Nite Brite, Edamawhatsits?, It Happens Every Time, Picking Plenty Pairs of Peppers, Wetter Proofing, Seams to Be a Problem, Graze the Tent, and Bugging Out. As mentioned, you might wonder that the Farmville Summer Vacation Farmventure Quest will have 9 goals and this guide will help you discover summer farm wonders with Barbra in Farmville. The NPC Barbra will be at hand on this mission.

Farmville Working For Peanuts Quest


Get 4 Peanut Jars

Harvest 50 Peanut

Harvest Zoo 2 Times


125 xp, 1 Brown Baby Elephant, 2500 coins


Farmville Bugging Out Quest


Get 6 Bug Catchers

Harvest 75 Peppermint

Harvest Brown Baby Elephant 2 Times (harvest in the Baby Animal Play Pen)


150 xp, 1 Unwither, 3000 coins


Farmville Graze the Tent Quest


Get 8 Tent Stakes

Harvest 100 Spinach

Harvest Cow Pasture 2 Times


175 xp, 1 Leaf Hut, 3500 coins


Farmville Seams to Be a Problem Quest


Get 8 Sewing Jars

Harvest 125 Cotton

Master Baby Brown Elephant to 1-Star (5x harvest)


200 xp, 1 Cotton Cow, 4000 coins


Farmville Wetter Proofing Quest


Get 8 Raincoats

Harvest 150 Golden Poppies

Harvest Cotton Cow 2 Times (harvest int Cow Pasture)


225 xp, 1 Turbo Charger, 4500 coins


Farmville Picking Plenty Pairs of Peppers Quest


Get 8 Pepper Pick-Me-Ups

Harvest 150 Bell Peppers

Harvest Horse Paddock 2 Times


250 xp, 1 Bell Pepper Tree, 5000 coins


Farmville It Happens Every Time Quest


Get 9 Eggplant Peelers

Harvest 150 Eggplants

Master Cotton Cow to 1-Star (5x harvest)


275 xp, 1 Purple Woodchuck, 5500 coins


Farmville Edamawhatsits? Quest


Get 10 Seed Spreaders

Harvest 150 Soybeans

Harvest Purple Woodchuck 2 Times (harvest in the Wildlife Habitat)


300 xp, 1 Mystery Dart, 6000 coins


Farmville Nite Brite Quest


Get 12 Shrub Planters

Harvest 200 Lilacs

Harvest Bell Pepper Tree 2 Times (harvest in the Orchard or Grove)


325 xp, 1 Pony Firefly, 6500 coins


Farmville Summer Vacation Farmventure Quest Rewards and Items:

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  1. Nancy Granger says:

    can not find where to put small elephant for the quest to so I can harvest. Can you help

    • simmy says:

      Put in the Baby Animal Play Pen. If you don’t have one, construct by buying one in the Market.

  2. Zooma says:

    What happens if i put baby elephant in playpen???

    • simmy says:

      It is faster to harvest the Baby Elephant in the Play Pen. You can harvest it for 1 day cycle.

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