Pioneer Trail Mission Carnival Games

Humble Bob is here to bring you the Pioneer Trail (Frontierville) Carnival Games Quests. Play the most beloved Carnival games in your homestead with this 4 part mission and two wrapper quest. You will have a chance to beat your local homestead mainstays like Hank and Bess in a game. Players must be atleast level 25 to perform this missions.

Pioneer Trail The Ringer Quest 1


Place any Carnival Game

  • You have 4 days to build up a high score! Talk to Humble Bob to manage your games!

Have 8 Carnival Game Flyers

Craft 4 Ring Toss Bottles (needs Pop Bottle x4, Thirsty Pioneer x2)

  • Talk to Humble Bob to craft Ring Toss Bottles.


600 xp, Prize Teddy, 10 Game Tickets


Pioneer Trail Ready To Burst Quest 2


Beat Hank’s total score of 1200 in a Balloon Pop game

  • Balloon Pop can be found in the market.  Use game tickets to Play until you break 1200 points.

Tend 32 Festive Balloons

Craft 6 Shootin’ Gallery Ducks (needs Wooden Duck x4, Red Paint x3)

  • Talk to Humble Bob to craft Shootin’ Gallery Ducks.


800 xp, 2 Fully Grown Willow Trees, Unlock Shootin’ Gallery


Pioneer Trail Slick Shootin’ Quest 3


Beat Bess’s total score of 2000 in a Balloon Pop game


Gather 24 Hardwood Balls

  • Hardwood Balls may drop when chopping non-sapling Oak Trees.

Craft 4 Racin’ Boats (needs Miniature Sail x2, Hand Carved Boat x2 for Wooden Boat and Wooden Boat x4, Water Pump x8 for Racin’ Boat)

  • Talk to Humble Bob to craft Racin’ Boats.


1200 xp, 3 Jackalopes, Unlock Roller Ball


Pioneer Trail The Carnival Crown Quest 4


Beat Jack’s score of 4000 in a Roller Ball game

  • Get one Roller Ball game to pass 4000 cumulative points.

Gather 60 Petting Zoo Passes from Jackalopes

  • Petting Zoo Passes always drop from Jackalopes, and you got 3 Jackalopes from completing Slick Shootin.

Craft 8 Roller Ball Lights (needs Marconi Bulb x1, Glass Paint for Painted Light and Painted Light x6, Black Board x3 for Roller Ball Light)

  • Talk to Humble Bob to craft Roller Ball Lights.


2400 xp, Carnival Prize Crate, Diamond Ring Award


Wrapper Missions:

Pioneer Trail Bear The Bear Necessities Quest 1


Harvest 50 Red Clover

Turn in the Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Diamond Carnival Collection

  • Score over 2500 on each Carnival Game to get at least Bronze collectibles once the timer runs out.

Start 10 Carnival Games

  • Carnival Games can be found in the market. Click the empty Player Card above a game to invite a friend to play with you.


500 xp, 500 coins, Unicycle Bear


Pioneer Trail Eyes On The Prize Quest 2


Craft 100 Game Tickets

Turn in the Silver, Gold, or Diamond Carnival Collection

Start 20 Carnival Games


1000 xp, 2 Carnival Prize Crates, Diamond Ring Award

After 4 Days you can check your score and progress. The better the scores the greater the prizes you may get.

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