Pioneer Trail Mission Fluffy Sheep

Raise the most Fluffiest Sheep in Pioneer Trail (Frontierville) Fluffy Sheep Quest. Yup, your Pioneer Trail mission is to build a Shearin’ Salon in your Homestead and upgrade it to the fullest so that you can raise the most fluffy sheep.  There are 4 main missions and 1 wrapper mission. Feed your sheep fast cause the faster you are the better chance you have to received a prize at shearing. You will need to atleast surpass 100 pounds to get a silver star. Here are the rest of the Pioneer Trail quest list:

Pioneer Trail Fluffy Foundation Quest 1


Place Shearin’ Salon

Buy and place a Fluffy Sheep on yer Homestead

  • Access the Fluffy Sheep Market from the Shearin’ Salon.

Shampoo Fluffy Sheep 3 times

  • You have to actually shampoo the Fluffy Sheep to get credit.
  • To craft Sheep Shampoo it will need 2 Sweet Leaf and 3 Softness Soap.


200 xp, 3 White Rose Boosts, Stylists License



Pioneer Trail Getting in Sheep Shape Quest 2


Shampoo Fluffy Sheep 12 times

  • You need Lemon Mint and Softening Soap to make Sheep Shampoo.

Harvest 60 White Roses

Upgrade your Shearin’ Salon


Swirly Fluffy Sheep Unlock, Shaggy Llama, Mint Extractor


Pioneer Trail Styles fer Miles Quest 3


Tend Shaggy Llamas 15 times

Shampoo Swirly Fluffy Sheep 20 times

  • Purchase Swirly Fluffy Sheep in the Market and tend them.

Upgrade your Shearin’ Salon


800 xp, 1 Fierce Fluffy Sheep, Sheep Dip Vat


Pioneer Trail Mythfluffers Quest 4


Harvest 40 Honeydew on your homestead

  • Purchase Honeydew in the Market or find them on the Free Gift page.

Feed 5 Sheared Fluffy Sheep

  • Once you’ve sheared a Fluffy Sheep, tend it five times..

Finish your Shearin’ Salon


1200 xp, Plaid Fluffy Sheep Unlock, Sheep Hedge


Pioneer Trail The Most Stylin’ Sheep Quest


Raise and shear three Silver Star Fluffy Sheep


5 Horse Shoes, Sheep Master Gate, 10000 xp


Upgrading the Shearin’ Saloon Phase 1

Materials needed: 4x Scrubbin Tub, 8x Styling Mirror, 12x Spa Mud

6x Stylin Chart, 3x Sparyn’ Hose and 1x Stylist License.

 Upgrading the Shearin’ Saloon Phase 2

Materials Needed: 8x Dryn’ Racks, 16x Egg White Conditioner, 6x Stash Bins,

8x Fluffin Rulers, 12x Hair Sweepers and 1x Mint.

 Upgrading the Shearin’ Saloon Phase 3

 Materials Needed: 8x Barber Chair, 8x Scissor Sign, 12x Sheep Smock,

20 x Comb Cabinet, 10x Flawless Fluff and 1x Sheep Dip Vat.


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