Pioneer Trail Mission The Show Pen

Celebrity Prize Pig is arriving in Pioneer Trail (Frontierville) The Show Pen Quest. It’s a brand new mission where you will decorate the pen correctly for a pig of his stature. It’s a 4 part goal and among the quest list are: Pristine Placement, Hog Heaven, Fluffy Reservation and Sheep Salon.

Pioneer Trail Pristine Placement Quest 1


Place the Show Pen on yer Homestead

Harvest 25 Peach Trees

Harvest 60 Pumpkins


3 Sheep Shampoo, 400 xp, 1 Pretty Feed Bucket


Pioneer Trail Hog Heaven Quest 2


Tend 10 Weighed-In Prize Pigs

Collect 25 Celebrity Lemonade

  • Can be found when harvesting Lemon Trees.

Decorate the Show Pen Stalls (Upgrade the Show Pen)


Celebrity Prized Pig, 2 Olive Tree, Acupuncture


Pioneer Trail Fluffy Reservation Quest 3


Feed Celebrity Pigs Hog Chow 12 times

Craft 8 Presidential Platters

Add a pool to the Show Pen (Upgrade the Show Pen)


Fluffy Leader Sheep, 1200 xp, 2 Lemon Mint


Pioneer Trail Sheep Salon Quest 4


Shampoo Leader Sheep 20 times

  • Click on Leader Sheep to wash it with Sheep Shampoo! You can find 1 in your Inventory and more in the Market.

Craft 10 Beauty Stalls

  • Needs the following materials for Beautiful Mirror = Small Flower x6 and Large Mirror x4. For the Beauty Stall = Beautiful Mirror x1 and Sheep Scissors x6.

Add more animal stalls (Upgrade the Show Pen)


Twilight Prize Pig, Fluffy Sheep Storage, Sugary Fluffy Sheep


Upgrading the Show Pen Stage 1

Materials needed: Poolside Drinks x8, Mud Mask x8, Suntan Lotions x20,

Stylin’ Shades x15 and Pretty Petals x30.


Upgrading the show Pen Stage 2

Materials needed: Luxurious Pillow x10, Intricate Rugs x8, Spacious Stalls x20,

No-Stick Flooring x20 and Squeaky Slippers x15.

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